2017 Troopcarriers of Australia “Winter Ramble”


Most people would notice we have a thing for Landcruisers here at Thorburns. So to be a part of arguably the largest gathering of troopcarriers in the world was something special.

When we first dived into the world of manufacturing 4wd products the versatile 70 series Landcruiser was our first port of call (the fact we all owned a 70 series variant or two helped a little also!). Since then we have been heavily involved in the facebook page Troopcarriers of Australia. Each year the admins of the page and the two blokes from Troopy Adventures organise a weekend in the middle of winter, at an incredible location for everyone on the page to put faces to names, have a few beers and enjoy everything troopy!

This year we made the call to try and give back to a group who have been incredibly supportive of us and our business. This came in the form of one of our dual wheel carriers. The plan was to auction the bar off, with all proceeds going towards the Black Dog Institute. An organisation that is a leader in identifying and treating all forms of mental illness. To say it was a success would be an understatement! we managed to get a figure of $3000.00 which is quite a bit over RRP! This went along with other items auctioned off and a raffle held to raise almost $13,000.00 to go towards The Black Dog Institute.

We managed to all be in attendance for the auction with 2 of the boys even making the trip from Sydney in a 75 year old Willy’s jeep in the freezing cold with no doors or windows! Seeing the generosity of these people really blew us away! you can be assured we will be back again next year to make the 2018 winter ramble bigger and better.


Cheers from Josh, Dave and Liam

(photo credits Robert Russell, Ryan Pryor, Dan Smith)